THE MADISON - Riverwalk LAVACA FLATS - Southtown

Guarantee & Special Offer

Book a stay for a minimum of 30 days within 48 hours of our first communication or response to your initial inquiry and, upon your arrival, if you are not totally satisfied with our Property -- IN ANY WAY -- we will provide you a refund of the amount we collected for your first month's rental (100%), PLUS we will allow you to be our guest for 3 days for no charge (10%) to allow you time to locate any another venue you deem more suitable.

That's right, NO-RISK, because your booking is 110% guaranteed!

It's simple. We want your business. AND, we want your booking decision to be as convenient as possible, and with “0” risk to you. We call it the "Golden Rule" of corporate housing and, thus, we treat others the way we ourselves want to be treated.

We understand that decisions are difficult when made from afar, or when you have little time to explore other options. We are confident of our status as San Antonio's premier corporate housing venue and WE are willing to bear the risk of any uncertainty on your part of possibly booking the wrong property, location, etc.

Why would we do this? Decisive decisions on your part make our business easier to run by projecting our daily requirements, gives us better "availability" information to pass on to the next party that inquires about our property, and, further, greatly assists our ability to deliver an incredible guest experience that surpasses that offered by our competitors.

Why would you accept any less?

We have been told that we are the only venue that has such an offer -- no surprise there! Most of our competitors are not "owners", they are leasing agents -- a big difference.


Make your stay even better by booking now with our 110% No-Risk Booking Guarantee and choose your complimentary BOOKING REWARD here.

Book with confidence and experience San Antonio's temporary housing's trifecta!

• Upscale properties in a premium location

• Flexible, all-inclusive rental rates

• 110% Booking Guarantee*

* Applies to bookings for a minimum of 30 nights undertaken within 48 hours of our response to your initial inquiry.


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